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Originally organized as the Continental Marines in 1775 as the answer to naval infrantry, the Marine Corps has always maintained a closeness to the US Navy. The USMC is responsible for implementing sea projection using the mobility of the US Navy to deliver arms attacks.

The USMC aka "Shock Troop" has been a part of every American military conflict since those Revoluntionary roots though for years it was joined with the Navy. It wasn't until the 20th century that the USMC became the feared fighting force it is today in part to the needs of the military actions during the past century. Earning the phrase repeatedly with their successful seizure and defense of land based operations, the Marines will always be the "first ones in and the last to leave" any military action.

Originally their mission was shipboard security to ranking officers, but that duty offically changed in the 1990s when the last Marine security units were removed from Navy ships. The Marine link to the navy will always ring through in it's name, and official seal bearing an anchor.

If the spirit of the USMC needs to be seen, the famous Joe Rosenthal photograph taken on Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima shows that spirit.

To all the men and women who've chosen to serve in this distinquished branch, thank you for your sacrifice. For those who lost their lives as a result of that service, they will never be forgotten. Everytime another soldier boots up, they're thinking of those who've gone before. Everytime a civilian sees the flag wave, the memory of those lost is there. Thank you.