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Spanning over 200 years, the United States military has always been a band of brave men and women fighting for what they thought was the just cause. Reaching back as far as the Colonial Wars of the 1620s to our modern day heros, the branches forming this mighty tree of truth, honor, and justice have battled unimaginable odds.

Their proud but humble roots born of frontiers men who fought for love of their freedom is still seen today every time a young person feels the call to duty and signs the dotted line to don the battle armor for their Country.

These strong branches have influenced the lives of every American today by the very action of their soldiers putting their lives on the line for this country everytime they're called upon to do so. Many brave people have given their last breath knowing they were joining the brave men and women that had gone before them, and this site is dedicated in their collective memory. A small tribute to people so large, so important, so unselfish, but no tribute would be compare to even a single one of those lives.

For the history of each distinquished branch, please select their seal below.